Corporate Speaker Sales School DIGITAL EDITION

Corporate Speaker Sales School DIGITAL EDITION

Price: $249.00


If you're ready to learn how break into the biggest companies in the world as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant, this may be the most important event you ever attend.

Imagine learning how to sell  keynote speeches to executives of the largest and wealthiest companies in the world? directly from an executive of one of the largest, wealthiest companies in the world!

Corporate Speaker Sales School is a 16 CD product where you will learn:

         How to crack the executive code
         The sales process that sells keynotes
         How to build a sales pipeline of executive prospects
         The mindset of the corporate buyer
         How to close executives
         What to avoid when selling executives
         Identifying executive buying signals
         Sales scripts that sell executives
         Selling training contracts to executives
         Selling consulting contracts to executives
         Leveraging referrals from executive to executive
         Understanding executive budgets that fund speakers
         Horizontal marketing to executives (and their colleagues in     other companies)
         Key words and phrases executives want to hear before they hire you
         The biggest mistakes you can make selling executives
          ?And much more