Coaching Mental Toughness Hard Cover Book

Coaching Mental Toughness Hard Cover Book

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This is the system I've used to earn millions as a mental toughness speaker, author and coach and its never been available to other coaches until now.

My new ebook, COACHING 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, makes the coaching system complete. 

 Heres whats in it:

1,062 Critical Thinking Questions 531 designed to shock your toughest performers and 531 designed for more sensitive personality types.

531 Middle Class Beliefs that hold people back and 531 World Class Beliefs that allow performers to write their own ticket. 

The book also contains my personal thoughts and strategies around how to coach each mental toughness secret as well as how to handle the toughest of students.

I put 24 years of mental toughness coaching experience in this 550 page book.