Secrets of the World Class

Secrets of the World Class

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Turning Mediocrity into Greatness
Hardcover gift book

Steve is an internationally recognized expert in the field of peak performance and mental toughness. He's spoken to many Fortune 500 companies and other companies around the world. Also, he was recently on the Larry King show and the Today Show sharing what he has learned in his search for the keys to greatness. Here's a small sampling from 27 highly motivational chapters:

Champions are driven by emotional motivators 
The great ones chose discipline over pleasure 
Middle class vs. world class 
The great ones believe they cannot fail...they can only learn and grow 
The great ones take responsibility 
Champions have an immense capacity for world class concentration 
Common sense is the foundation of high performance 
The great ones make the complicated simple 
Champions are driven by a world class belief system