90 Minute Professional Speaker Consultation

90 Minute Professional Speaker Consultation

Price: $497.00


*90 Minute Professional Speakers Consultation 

You can also break the 90 minutes up with 3 (30 minute sessions) or

 2 (45 minute sessions) 

On this 90 minute call you'll learn:

* If you have what it takes to become a Professional Fee Paid Speaker
* If you're ready to start charging a speaking fee
* If your story has enough EPMs or LPMs to get paid for

* If your delivery style differentiates you from other speakers
* If you are a Presenter or Keynoter
* How to target your message and pick your audience
* How many speeches are required before writing a book

* How to insert your point of view during the keynote
* What percentage of entertainment vs. content clients pay for
* How many proven minutes do you need for the keynote
* How many stories do you need in the keynote that have nothing to do with your topic, audience or point of view
*Action steps to move forward