PRE-SALE: Secrets Self Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids

PRE-SALE: Secrets Self Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids

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The regular price of this 352-page book, first edition hardback book is $40 US Dollars. But as a VIP on our list, you can purchase it today for only $19.97 plus shipping. Remember, we only have 2,000 copies for this special pre-sale, and once we’re out, the sale will expire. 

The information in this book is direct, shocking and no-holds barred. Writers for CNBC, Forbes and Fortune have privately told me that some of the content is going to offend the masses, because it describes how the world actually works. No fantasy, just hard hitting, objective reality. This is the world of self-made millionaires as it really is, minus the hype, and the get rich quick nonsense. It slams magical, mystical, wishful thinking and teaches kids how to embrace critical, real world, wealthy thinking that has the firepower to make them rich. It explains that, like it or not, rich people rule the world, and instead of whining about the injustice of it, just go out and become one of them.

Here are some more things your kids will learn:

*How self-made millionaires create their fortunes

*Why money is beautiful, not evil

*How to get mentally tough, like the rich

*Why they deserve to be rich

*Why they should play rich sports

*Why the world wants them to be rich

*How to use leverage to amass their fortune

*Why and how they should associate with winners and avoid losers

*How they can be spiritual and rich

*Why they should never marry the party girl or bad boy…

and 150 more content rich chapters. This book is 100% pure information, delivered directly from my interviews with the self-made rich. There are no stories, anecdotes or parables. From the first chapter forward, this book will grab you by the throat and won’t let go. It’s a book to be studied, not just read.

If you’re looking for a great story, read Harry Potter. If you want your kids to be rich, study Secrets Self Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids