Siebold Success Network, Personal and Professional Development


1985—Siebold Success Network is co-founded by Steve Siebold and Dawn Andrews in Mobile, Alabama. The first offering is mental toughness training for home-based distributors of household cleaning products.

1986—SSN launches Mental Toughness University, which trains amateur and professional athletes in mental toughness and critical thinking skills.

1987—SSN relocates headquarters to Florida.

1996—Mental Toughness University begins training and consulting many of the largest sales organizations in the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Toyota, collectively increasing sales in excess of one hundred million dollars.

1997—SSN launches Gove-Siebold Group, with Bill Gove, the first president of the National Speakers Association. The company conducts the Bill Gove Speech Workshop throughout the United States, Europe and Australia.

1998—SSN launches Speaker Steve, a keynote speaking business on the topics of mental toughness and critical thinking for corporate meetings and conventions.

2001—Steve Siebold and Bill Gove are named to the National Charity Awards Committee by President George W. Bush. Fellow committee members include Hollywood legend Merv Griffin and actress Cheryl Ladd.

2001—On December 9, Bill Gove dies at age 89.

2002—SSN announces it will begin licensing its library of intellectual property around the world.

2003—Steve Siebold is recognized as being one of the fastest speakers in history to exceed one million dollars per year in speaking fees.

2005—SSN launches London House Press, a professional skills and personal development book publisher. The first release, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, becomes a Best Seller in 80 days.

2005—the National Speakers Association awards Steve Siebold its highest earned designation of Certified Speaking Professional. (CSP)

2008—SSN launches the Junior Tennis Show, with Jay Travis and Christy Hey, a non-profit 501C3 web-based video training platform to help junior tennis players and parents navigate the turbulent waters of the national junior tennis circuit.

2009—SSN launches the Million Dollar Speakers Club, which trains lawyers, doctors, accountants, entrepreneurs, real estate, insurance agents and other professionals on how to leverage public speaking skills for increased fees and client development.

2010—SSN announces that London House Presses new book, How Rich People Think, has become a best seller and is subsequently printed in six languages.

2011—the National Speakers Association names Steve Siebold the International Chairman it’s Million Dollar Speakers Group, consisting of 39 members that have documented and audited proof of yearly speaking fees that exceed one million dollars.

2012—SSN launches, which displays over one hundred of Steve Siebold’s television interviews from around the world.

2013—SSN launches the Think Rich Team, an organization of 1,000 associates coaching people in mental toughness for weight loss and optimal health.

2013—Minneapolis-based author Elliot Saltzman writes How to Become a Million Dollar Speaker: The Steve Siebold Story, which chronicles Siebold’s ascent to the top echelon of the professional speaking business.

2013—Steve Siebold becomes the first professional speaker to be invited to attend The Academy Awards (The Oscars) in Hollywood.

2013—Steve Siebold signs $20 million dollar movie deal with Academy Award winning director Kieth Merrill to bring the story of Bill Gove and Steve Siebold’s mentorship success story, to the big screen. The movie’s working title is The Mentor. Anthony Hopkins is targeted to play the leading role of Bill Gove, while Bradley Cooper is the director’s choice to portray Steve Siebold.

2014—SSN acquires partnership in World Class, Inc., with former Sports Illustrated Editor Don Yaeger, an organization that helps companies build a world-class culture through a combination of onsite, online and video-based training.

2014—SSN relocates headquarters to Gainesville, Georgia, on the shores of Lake Lanier.

2015—Steve Siebold purchases 105-year Atlanta Landmark, Bona Allen Mansion, and announces multi million-dollar renovation on the property that will eventually become SSN’s International Headquarters.

2016—Mental Toughness University conducts 40-city tour across the United States and Canada. Over 25,000 tickets are sold. Renovations on Bona Allen Mansion are completed on December 15, 2016.

2017—On January 2, SSN moves into new Headquarters at Bona Allen Mansion, in Buford, Georgia, located 35 miles Northeast of Atlanta. Company announces it’s new Interactive Online Training Program for Psychological Performance Training.